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iSouf - HEFA future Empty iSouf - HEFA future

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 13, 2013 6:06 pm

Souf and I (Chad) have had a long discussion about his future in HEFA.
     Souf and I had a little argument as I nearly fired him from HEFA,
He explained to me that HEFA is stressing him out and that he doesn't mean to be mean to anyone he just blows up in anger.
Now I know where he is coming from as I have been doing this for about 3 years now, being a HEFA president is not a easy task. Dealing with 100-300 people a day, you get annoyed over it. But us presidents and staff keep working our hardest to keep EVERYONE in Habbo Football happy and active. It's hard to do so. Souf also was explaining to me why everyone thinks he cheats and all, I think his side of the story is very true. Now, please I Chad (Hotsportsguy22) beg of you to let souf have 1 more chance, if he slips up I personally will boot him from HEFA. I told him to not slip up and to just ignore what people say, after all he is a rookie in this HEFA stuff. Also, show the man some respect, he has made the Euros , CL , Confederation Cup for you guys. He really is a good guy , just understand how much pressure HEFA is under from all these events we make for you guys.
ALSO, we are hiring a ton of new staff. And new forums will be made shortly.
HEFA will be using a new staff role of Administratives.
These staff members will update the scores on forum and monitor every game and update as quick as they can.
Also, we are hiring new refs (Pro) and training them to fit our needs, refs will also tripel check rosters so there is NO cloning.
These roles are going to ULTRA important to HEFA. As well as games will be filmed so we have proof of the scores.

Chad (Hotsportsguy22)
Your HEFA director.
You can reach me in Habbo.com


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iSouf - HEFA future Empty Re: iSouf - HEFA future

Post by crozinho.b on Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:46 am

Shyt happen, but isouf is a shame for the hefa and u still keep him as president, tbh many people will quit bescause of him, edenhazard is leading the goal score , isouf cheat and michu got print, BUT SONICMEMO FOR PRES!, and please souf dont take of my comment,


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