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[Habbo Evolution Soccer (HES)] - .ES - Invites HEFA to our World Cup

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[Habbo Evolution Soccer (HES)] - .ES - Invites HEFA to our World Cup

Post by fontyano on Wed Jun 26, 2013 8:04 pm

Well, as you may know I'm Inzaguinho/juanjosep .... the owner of the best league in .ES. We have been around in .es since 2010 and we are completely famous in habbo.es.

I have made a decision to prohibit programs (Xenode, Tsearch, Autoclic, WPE) that facilitates a player to clic easily. Now our leagues and rules are with Natural Click. It is close to NON-DC, just with skills added and a little bit more of rules.

First of all, by only participating in this WC for HES. The national team will earn a Stadium in .ES for league purposes in the future.

Second, we will be using a system that measures the player's perfomance which will make the individual prizes more fair.

I have used it for the past 4 months, so I will take as an example this work:

The referees will be giving scores per game to all players. Every referee is trained to do it. I have made sure of it so there will be no problem with it

Third, I will be giving some kind of economy in this World Cup. 


Every Players Gets Payed 

Also, the team gets payed if they win a game... for example : 

Everything will be added up to get a final budget for the team at the end of the competition: 

There will be no problem with that. 

I also want to mention that all games will be recorded and there will be highlights given after the games. Most of you already know me, I'm a fair person. You have never tried one of my competitions, so why not? It has been 2 years since I went to .com to invite you to .es. Now I have all the resources to make .ES like your home hotel. 

The system of the WC will be simple, 32 teams 8 groups of 4 and the first 2 of each group qualifies to the elimination process. It will be 3 weeks only and if you accept my invitation, I will be very happy to discuss the schedule with u and explain the HES rules. 

If you want to check the pictures I have shared with you: 

Click Here

It is in Spanish... but you'll understand it is simple. 

Here are some videos of how our league it's played (in these, there are AC, but now it is not allowed) 


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